Passion vs. Profit

Can I be transparent for a moment?

Wait..See. Thats my problem. My inclination to always ask for permission before I speak my mind. My inclination to brace my audience before I go on a rant. Im done asking for permission. Im done settling. Im done.

For the past year, I have been on an entrepreneur journey. More downs than up. More no’s then yes’. More lows than highs. But that’s what a journey is right? I thought that if I stayed the course and took what I knew and made a profit then I would be fulfilled. The stars would align. I would have more than I could handle and life would be good.


I spent more time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and everyone else was doing right. I kept trying to silence that voice that kept calling me back to the place where it all started. My writing.

Let me tell you. Dont EVER try and block that voice. It will keep nagging you. It will keep you up at night. Listen to that voice.

Dont get me wrong. I love what I do. I help businesses find their voice, market their products and connect with their audience on more than just a business to consumer level. But it comes a point when you notice that you’re doing alot of things to build someone’s business but you’re neglecting your own. I got to that point.

I would check my stats everyday and notice that people were still reading my old ass content. My inbox started to fill with emails from people who wanted me to guest blog on their site!

Why me!? Have you looked at my site lately? Are you sure you have the right person?

But they did have the right person. They knew it and I know it too! Sometimes we get so caught up with trying to go with the flow when all that God wants us to do is listen.

Im not promising anything with this site. You wont come here and get one niche of content. You may not get anything at all for weeks but I have made a promise to myself to at least make an effort here. My passion deserves an effort.



2 Things That Will Make Saving Money In 2016 Easier!

Im on a journey, guys! A journey to home ownership! Ive been renting for way too much of my adult life and its time to GROW UP- So to speak.:)

I cant say that I have great money habits. They are terrible. The first step is to actually realize that you have this problem and fix it. Late last year, a friend of mine added me to a Facebook Group (Yea another one)-But this one was totally different. The Dream Catcher: Live Richer group came in at exactly the right time! I began to read stories about people who were just like me! People who looked liked me, were struggling financially, feeling backed up against a wall and felt as though there was no way to turn. I needed this group and I welcomed the never ending stories of financial redemption on my timeline.

There are two things I want to accomplish this year! Pay off a substantial amount of debt and start saving for a house. I ran across this helpful and completely doable chart.


Now, even if your goal is not buy a house this year, how cool would it be to put away an extra $5,000!? Use this as a base and even if you fall short, at least you started! Ive always gotten my kid in on the action. He’ll be saving all the change he comes across this year and making a deposit into his bank account every couple of months. Its never to early to start teaching them financial literacy.

The second thing that I am excited about when it comes down to saving is my Digit.


This software automatically withdraws unused money from any account that I link to it. So each month, I set my bills up on auto-pay, Digit will see what is left or available for me to save and lightly withdraw it. Ive been using it for the last month and I have to say that I dont even notice the money missing. PLUS Ive saved up a pretty penny. They also make it super easy to withdraw your money if needed.

Ill be sharing loads more money saving tips this year on the blog! Be sure you do not miss out by subscribing to my email list!


3 Things Every Single Mompreneur Needs To Keep Their Sanity

If its one thing I never wanted my life to feel like it would robotic. Autopilot is for planes. It does not suit my life. However, with the balance of networking events and play dates, webinars and little league football games, press releases and doctors appointments- Balance is needed. And my sanity is worth even more.

A Planner

Is it just me or does everything that you have going on have to be written down? I will forget the smallest thing such as putting the laundry in the washer or signing that trip permission form that has been under that pile of papers on my desk for a week. Lucky for me, I just ordered my new Life Planner for 2016 from Erin Condren! Erin gives you the option of personalizing your journal to fit your needs. And the cover options are endless. Check her out!


Im not sure about you but I need an energy boost to get me through the day. I set my Keurig to start at a certain time and the best part of waking up is that all too familiar smell! Mmmm I do not know how I would survive without it. If you are not too keen on coffee-try a caffeinated tea or energy drink!

Quiet Time

This may actually be the most important. Whether you get it once the kids go to sleep or in the morning before they wake up- Make sure you get it! Its pertinent to our sanity to spend a few moments alone with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and reflect on the day behind us or the day ahead us. Even if its just for 15-20 minutes, make sure you schedule it in!




What are some things you need to keep your sanity? I want to hear from  all of my mompreneurs!













4 Things You Should Be Doing in Social Media Marketing in 2016

I recently read a Forbes article on this subject and I could not agree more with their list. 2016 is the year to Get Social! Wanna hear something crazy? That post I wrote last week garnered over 100 views to my blog. That has been the most views since I’ve started and you wanna know why this happened? Because I used social media to promote and engage.

(Hmm.. maybe Ill put that in a freemium)

Anyway, here is my take on the list:

Get To Know Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

Google needs to be BAE in 2016. You may already have a bae have an affair- Act like an adult for once. Find Bloggers and Influencers who are in line with your brand, products and/0r services. For each of my clients, a targeted media list is a necessity for pitching and outreach. Get yours dones before the new years. Find out where they hang out the most, what brands they have partnered with in the past and get to know them. People are more likely to buy from others they they know and trust.

Start Live Streaming

If you’ve followed me for long enough, yall know that I love me some Periscope. I have met some amazing people and brands through this platform. Its real time meaning that your potential customers are able to see you in action and you’ll be able to show them the benefit of investing in your product or service. Remember to not just sell, sell, sell- Give them something of value. Provide tips and tricks related to your niche. That is how you lock a customer/client. If you dont want to try out Periscope (But face it, why wouldnt you?) you can Blab and most recently, Facebook has hopped on the bandwagon too.

Social Media Advertising

This is not to be confused with posting your brand’s social media channels or engaging in conversations online. I am talking about paid advertising on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. According to Forrester Consulting, seeing ads on social media channels is the top way social media users find out about new brands, products or services. Since the majority of U.S. adults use social media, this is impactful. eMarketer also shares that between 20-25% of people visit the store or website after seeing a social media ad on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest; and between 14-17% bought the product or service. If you have not already begun to think about your social media budget, strategy, ad and copy ideas, please feel free to book a Clarity Call with me. Lets chat and put this plan into action. I want you to dominate social media in the new year!

Give Something Away! (Or At Least Provide A Discount)

Would you like a larger audience base? Would you like to gain more customer? Close more sales? Measure conversions? Of course you do! You loyal tribe will connect with you because they love you but more people tend to hop on when there is an incentive involved. Host a monthly giveaway, offer a discount for signing onto your email list, collaborate with other influencers in your niche and put together a cant-live-without package deal! Get the people talking. Keep them coming back. Hook them for LIFE. Mix some special incentives into your content calendar and keep your brand and your customers happy!


As always, I am available for Clarity Calls. Click this LINK to schedule a one on one and lets see how I can help your brand GET SOCIAL in 2016!



Why Being Boss is Necessary for Me

Before I started working for myself, I literally had every job imaginable. I worked in customer service, accounting, the travel industry, the food industry- All over the place right? I had to survive though. I didnt know any other way at the moment but to work a 9-5 Monday thru Sunday with two days off in between. We had to eat and my kid was watching so to take a chance and work for me- Nah. That was way too much of a risk.

The day came late in the summer last year (2014), I was pregnant with my little one. My car was on the fritz and I had to take three buses to work plus drag my five year old with me because I did not have a babysitter that day. My boss did not mind. It was a small office and my son got a kick out of his task of shredding paper for some candy money.

Late in the day, my coworker came to me laughing because he had just had a conversation with my son. My coworker told my son that he was the boss and he had to listen to every he said. Now I was laughing because as I could recall, he could did not sign my checks….

The laughter stopped with the next statement when he told me my son’s reply. My five year old said, “You cant be the boss. You’re not white.”

My mouth fell open. My heart dropped. I literally had to say a quick prayer so that I did not drop a tear. Where did this statement come from? Why would he say that? What’s happening? All of these question came and went in my head. But no words came out. I was stunned. I began to think of what I was showing my son. Did he not think that a black person, male or female, could be their own boss? Or better yet run an entire company? What was I going to do? How could I fix this?

Talk about a swift kick in the ass! On the bus ride home I immediately began putting my plan into action. If I did not have the willpower before, fear was pushing me now. Fear that my son did not have enough positive images of black people running their own businesses.  Fear that HE may think that his only option would be for him to call someone else BOSS. I had a choice and I made up my mind that after I left on maternity leave, I was not going back to a 9 to 5. I was going to show my son that I could do it.

If I did not know how important it was for me to step out on my own, that day gave me confirmation. I cant say that being an entrepreneur is everyone’s fit- Hell some days Im still struggling with if its my fit. But I wont quit! It comes with its challenges but the rewards far outweigh the struggle. I know I was built for this even on days when I want to crumble. Even on days when everything is going wrong. But once I look into my boy’s eyes every night, I know that I made the right choice because they are watching. And I look to them each time the process seems that much harder. And they see me. They see the process. They see me doing it for myself and that is what I want them to see. I want them to know that they can do it too. I want them to dream BIG and know that with their strong ass mama behind them- they can do it ALL!




Sorry for the semi long post but I had a story to tell. I wanted yall to hear it. I know that by sharing, it may help someone. You’ll see more of these type of posts from me. I have a story to tell.



Power Shift: The Black Dollar + #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies

Yesterday, I did a Scope on #BlackTwitter and why the hashtag #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies was hilariously accurate and thought provoking at the same time.



In a matter of hours -probably more like minutes- the web was buzzing with this hashtag. Media outlets such as Clutch Magazine, Complex, The Root and even Buzzfeed were talking about it. It got me thinking of how powerful we as a community are when we come together. We have the power to initiate, spark and create change. Our voices, lives and DOLLARS matter.

I have decided to initiate the change and I challenge all of you to follow me. For the next month, i will be highlighting black owned businesses (#BOB) on this blog and all over social media. The black dollar is powerful and its time to start putting money back into our pockets so that or children’s children can eat.

Follow me and keep up. This month will be going by fast. And dont forget to follow me on all Social Media @sheneealise!

And if you know of any Black Owned Businesses, please do not hesitate to share. I know that I can highlight them all but I will try my best to get a majority done.



Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Some of you may or may not know that I work in the Public Relations and Marketing Field. I try and keep this information completely separate from my blogging but I have decided to integrate both together. I struggled with this decision because I didnt want my readers to lose interest if perhaps one day I may not be blogging about natural hair and beauty but rather marketing strategies and PR campaigns.

But I began to think- My readers are just like me. They are the millenial woman. They are fearless. They are independent. They can conquer it all in heels. And at that moment I decided to let you guys in because after all, this blog is my namesake- Literally. It incorporates all things me and if I didnt share me with you- Ive lost the reason on why i began blogging in the first place.

So with that being said, let me introduce you to my baby!


KingMe PR is a Creative Services Firm that specializes in helping Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Brands gain publicity. Through cohesive branding, creative marketing strategies and seamless PR campaigns, I work with your company to get the exposure and publicity it so deserves.

Im adding a business section to this blog. I represent beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. I blog about beauty, fashion and my LIFE. How could this marriage be more perfect!?

So any aspiring entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and wantrepreneurs who need assistance can expect to see alot of helpful tips and tricks! If you’re feeling frisky, sign up for my email list – HERE!