My #60DayChallenge on Periscope!

Hey Yall Heyyy! Please read my previous blog here and you will see why I am so addicted to Periscope! I have interacted with some amazing people, entrepreneurs and women trying to make it through the day just as I am! You know the saying, ‘You learn something new everyday.’ — That is happening at least three times a day on Periscope.

I am very comfortable expressing myself through writing but I have always struggled with public speaking. Comm 101 was thee most treacherous course known to man! I’m cool with sitting in the back and listening but don’t make me speak.

Turning 30, I promised myself to venture out of my comfort zone. Do things I wouldn’t normally do, take chances and calculated risks. So I’ve challenged myself to a 60 Day Challenge to scope daily. We are currently on Day 12. I’ve been meaning to tell you guys but like everything else it skipped my mind. But don’t fret. We have today and the next 47 days to chat it up.

My scopes are pretty random. A diary of some sorts but I always try to push out a few gems for you to pocket. Whatever comes to mind whether it be fitness, family, lessons learned, business triumphs and trumps– We may be chatting about it. If I feel it, I’m talking about it.

Please join me tonight circa 9:30pm EST and leave some hearts. I cant wait to meet you!


Happy Anniversary to Meeee!


Pictured here two years ago- The day after I got my Big Chop!

Do you know what today is? Its my ANNIVERSARY! Well.. I missed it by a day but you get the point. :) Two years ago yesterday, I sat in the chair and told the stylist CHOP IT ALL OFF.

(Read about the horror here)

I regretted my decision at first but change is good and I fall in love with my versatile texture more and more each day. I was never great with keeping up with my hair. I used to be quick to jump in somebody’s chair and get a sew-in installed. I could care less about what was going on underneath it all. In reality, I now know that I was covering up something much deeper.

It may sound cliché but once I cut off all of my hair, I was born again. I had a newfound appreciation for myself spiritually, physically and mentally. I became to take care of me. The person I neglected so long was finally able to breathe.

I believe I made the best decision ever because I made it for me. And now I’m two years strong and there’s no looking back!

faux locs

This is me today- Rocking a protective style known as faux locs. Stay tuned for next week’s post on how to style them!

How $2.98 Changed My Whole Life

Being a mom is work! Add on being a mom that works from home and its HARD WORK! My oldest son goes to camp five times a week. But my six month old just started daycare part-time this past Monday. So not only must you make sure to complete all of my tasks for the day but you have to keep the little one entertained and occupied as well. I was finding that I could not complete one thing off of my to-do list without being interrupted. I had to find a solution quickly if I wanted to be productive.

I found that what was causing most of his uncomfortable fits was the fact that he was teething. He liked his teething rings but hated to grip them because they were so cold. So I had to hold them for him – Which pretty much defeated the purpose of trying to keep him occupied.

I found my savior when I went to a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. My cousin noticed my son grabbing at my plate and she mentioned to me that I should buy him a baby feeder. With so many baby gadgets out there – I was clueless to what she was talking about but I decided to look into them anyway. The very next day I went to Walmart and made a beeline to the baby section. Low and behold for $2.98 I found the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder.


I immediately went home, tore open the package, inserted some frozen raspberries, coaxed it to his mouth and EUREKA!

.I am now afforded at least another 20 minutes before he gets tired of slurping and chewing at the mesh to finish a task! It fairly easy to pop anything in there and keep your LO busy. To clean it just turn it inside out and scrub it over with a bottle cleaner or a toothbrush. This just may be the best $2.98 that I’ve ever spent! :)

I DO! #MarryTheDream

I wasnt always too sure about my dreams.The idea of fear was always present in my dreams. Can I do this? What will people think? Will anyone care? What happens if I actually succeed? In my twenties, these thoughts ran rampant. I was holding myself back from living the life I wanted to love. I took meaningless jobs to provide for my son and sustain my household but I knew there was so much more out there for me. I cried all the time, was depressed and at times wanted to run away from everything. My dreams were eating me alive and yet I still ignored the pain hoping it would go away.

I told myself you’re not supposed to dream. They died when you dropped out of college. They died when you had a baby. They died when you let a man control your actions and decide your future. I had no business dreaming. I had no business thinking that my dreams should come true. I convinced myself that my dreams were dead.

But just as you cant stop your thoughts, you cant stop your dreams. Our dreams are our thoughts manifested. You cant deny it. You cant hide it. You must comply.

It took me losing my job to finally figure out that all I had left were my dreams. I had no money, my car was on its last legs and I was staying in a relative’s basement with my then two year old son. I couldnt stop dreaming even if I tried. Thats all I had left. So instead of ignoring them this time I put myself out there. I took an unpaid internship at a Marketing and PR Company in Philadelphia working with local boutiques and athletes. I was given the opportunity to travel and meet with so many individuals who were doing what they loved and I was assisting them. In this I found purpose.

I began blogging about my personal experiences in the PR World which then turned into a Natural Hair/ Lifestyle/Mommy Blog. I never want to put myself in a box. Im not wired that way. I figure that if I love it, I will write about it.

My dream is to Live the Life I Love. I want to set my own schedule, make a comfortable living being creative and not have to pray everytime my PNC Bank Card is swiped. My dream is anything but simple. I am striving to be an Mompreneur. A book writing, blog maven, PR Boss Mompreneur – Its not a simple dream but its MINE. And from this day forward I am fully committing to my dreams. Nothing willl stand in my way. And they for damn sure will not be ignored any longer.



Peri-Scopin: It Keeps Calling Me.

Hi, My name is Sheneé and I am addicted to Periscope. Chime in yall: Hi Sheneé. :)

Periscope is the New YouTube (IMO) – You thought those videos and testimonials on there gave you life- Well hunny! Think again! The transparency Ive found on Periscope is what attracts me. There is no editing, no filters; You get what you get. Raw and Uncut. I hopped right on and instantly felt at home. The Positive Mom gives a wonderful breakdown on this new social sensation.

The wealth of information and women I have met over the last week on there have changed my life completely! I have laughed, cried, shouted and danced numerous times over the last couple of days. I want to give shout outs but I will save that for my very first Scope. Im trying to get up the nerve to do one. The idea of having a LIVE chat is scary for me. I have no problem participating in one but to be honest I clam up at public speaking. I will play the behind the scenes all day-everyday! Especially if people are not right in front of me– How can I tell if they’re feeling what Im saying? I cant watch their facial expressions. Thats the fear. And thats something I MUST get over. And I WILL get over it. Very soon. So please download the app, follow me @SheneeAlise to make sure you catch it!


This is 30.

Im sitting here with less than a half hour until my 30th Birthday. Reflecting. Crying. Praying. This past year has been unpredictable. Frightening. Delightful. Exhilarating. And Amazing. It was needed. Ive learned so much about myself. My strength has been tested in more ways than one and each time God has bought me through it.

Ive learned that I can do anything. Ive learned that even at times when I thought I had reached my full potential in situations – God gave me something even better and said ‘Im not through with you yet.’

Im looking forward to Mondays because I know that each week will teach me something new. Im looking forward to early mornings with my sons, uncontrollable laughter for no reason, and long car rides to nowhere in particular because I know that these years with them are going to fly by.

This year and onward, Im doing whatever makes me happy. I am excited for my future.

No longer afraid. Accepting all challenges. This is 30.


Bridging the Gap: #18to30 Sometimes You Just Have To Leap And The Net Will Appear

Its ideal to take the path that has been traveled. The path thats beaten and worn because everyone else has done it. That path seems the most logical. Its been proven that that particular path will lead to success. Nobody ever talks about the other path though. The path that few dare to walk on because although its not as worn as the other one, many have failed time and time again.


Ive always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I remember being around ten years old and wanting to be a pediatrician. I wanted my own practice. This feeling developed in my later years but to sustain a family one has to hold down something permanent- Ehh.  It came to a point where I had to be honest with myself and that honest truth was that a traditional 9 to 5 was not for me. I enjoy not having to punch a time clock and I enjoy setting my own deadlines and meeting them! I enjoy the freedom of planning my day without having to worry about a superior over my shoulder.

So as I approach 30, I am taking proactive steps to start my own ventures. Scary much? Absolutely. I have two boys and a household to maintain but I feel that now is as good a time as any. I dont want to be one of those people who sit around and wait for the right opportunity to come and by time they look up- life has past them by.

I have faith that that net will appear sooner or later.