Peri-Scopin: It Keeps Calling Me.

Hi, My name is Sheneé and I am addicted to Periscope. Chime in yall: Hi Sheneé. :)

Periscope is the New YouTube (IMO) – You thought those videos and testimonials on there gave you life- Well hunny! Think again! The transparency Ive found on Periscope is what attracts me. There is no editing, no filters; You get what you get. Raw and Uncut. I hopped right on and instantly felt at home. The Positive Mom gives a wonderful breakdown on this new social sensation.

The wealth of information and women I have met over the last week on there have changed my life completely! I have laughed, cried, shouted and danced numerous times over the last couple of days. I want to give shout outs but I will save that for my very first Scope. Im trying to get up the nerve to do one. The idea of having a LIVE chat is scary for me. I have no problem participating in one but to be honest I clam up at public speaking. I will play the behind the scenes all day-everyday! Especially if people are not right in front of me– How can I tell if they’re feeling what Im saying? I cant watch their facial expressions. Thats the fear. And thats something I MUST get over. And I WILL get over it. Very soon. So please download the app, follow me @SheneeAlise to make sure you catch it!


This is 30.

Im sitting here with less than a half hour until my 30th Birthday. Reflecting. Crying. Praying. This past year has been unpredictable. Frightening. Delightful. Exhilarating. And Amazing. It was needed. Ive learned so much about myself. My strength has been tested in more ways than one and each time God has bought me through it.

Ive learned that I can do anything. Ive learned that even at times when I thought I had reached my full potential in situations – God gave me something even better and said ‘Im not through with you yet.’

Im looking forward to Mondays because I know that each week will teach me something new. Im looking forward to early mornings with my sons, uncontrollable laughter for no reason, and long car rides to nowhere in particular because I know that these years with them are going to fly by.

This year and onward, Im doing whatever makes me happy. I am excited for my future.

No longer afraid. Accepting all challenges. This is 30.


Bridging the Gap: #18to30 Sometimes You Just Have To Leap And The Net Will Appear

Its ideal to take the path that has been traveled. The path thats beaten and worn because everyone else has done it. That path seems the most logical. Its been proven that that particular path will lead to success. Nobody ever talks about the other path though. The path that few dare to walk on because although its not as worn as the other one, many have failed time and time again.


Ive always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I remember being around ten years old and wanting to be a pediatrician. I wanted my own practice. This feeling developed in my later years but to sustain a family one has to hold down something permanent- Ehh.  It came to a point where I had to be honest with myself and that honest truth was that a traditional 9 to 5 was not for me. I enjoy not having to punch a time clock and I enjoy setting my own deadlines and meeting them! I enjoy the freedom of planning my day without having to worry about a superior over my shoulder.

So as I approach 30, I am taking proactive steps to start my own ventures. Scary much? Absolutely. I have two boys and a household to maintain but I feel that now is as good a time as any. I dont want to be one of those people who sit around and wait for the right opportunity to come and by time they look up- life has past them by.

I have faith that that net will appear sooner or later.

Bridging the Gap:#18to30 Your Timing Is Not Your Own

You’ve mapped it all out. Five year plan? Ten year plan? Forget about it.

Everything might not happen when you want it to happen, but everything happens when its supposed to happen.

I was for sure by 30 I would be more established than I am now but Ill have to admit that perhaps I wasnt ready for it. And I wouldnt be ready until I fully understood that my timing is not mine. I had to learn to trust God’s timing, not to get caught up in the mundane task of countdowns and deadlines but to just let go and enjoy this ride. Im that much more appreciative of everything that I have and Im confident that everything will fall into place at God’s pace.

Bridging the Gap: #18to30 Not Everyone Will Like You

…. and that’s okay. I’ve had to face this fact hard and I’ve had to face it quite a few times. I came to realize that people have their own issues and sometimes it’s not you, its them. People pleasing is DEAD.

I try to explain this to my six-year-old who thinks everyone is his friend and everyone has his best interest at heart. It’s extremely hard to do. As a kindergartener, I’ve already witnessed him being excluded and picked on. All kids do it and go through it – We all know that. But to be a mother and watch it, you kind of want to just kick that kid’s ass and tell them to go get their mother. Even if you could explain the aforementioned to them, how could you expect them to understand what you’re just now understanding yourself? To shield him from the reality of people hurting his feelings– It just can’t be done.


The great Albert Ellis said that one of the best ways to create misery is to work from the mindset that all people must like you at all times. You’ll fail at it, plain and simple. Not only that, but this approach to life will cause you to constantly be modifying your own thoughts, behaviors and identity to suit the perceived desires of those around you. This saccharine façade will ultimately be detected and people will know you aren’t being your true self.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have the energy to be anything other than me. Always stay true to yourself. Kill them with kindness but never sacrifice you.

Bridging the Gap: #18to30 Mistakes Will Be Made

If I was actually keeping score I would have lost count. But Im not so let’s move on…

When I was in that 18-22 range I could justify them because let’s be honest, I was 18 but I was certainly no one’s adult. I had a few more years to mess up and someone would always be there to catch me if I failed. 23-26 was the ‘Oh im still learning.’ And after 27 I started saying to myself ‘This shit has to stop.’ But it didnt and I doubt that it will because everyone makes mistakes. Be they big or small. We all make them. They key is to not make the same one twice. And I know it’s cliché but mistakes are made so that we may learn from them, build from them and grow off of them.

kurt quote

I realized that my mistakes are what made me who I am today. Its turned me into everything that I doubted I could ever be. And I dont know about you but I welcome them, I embrace them and I wont ever forget them because they are and will be a constant reminder everyday of how far Ive come.

Photo Courtesy of @queenakilah on IG

“Ill Go Next Time”

Tonight is the #PhillyisBaltimore protest in Center CIty. When I heard about it earlier in the day my first thought was to pick up my two boys after work and head down there. While driving home my mind began to think if it was a good idea to have my three month old out and about so soon after he was getting over a cold. With no other options I decided against it. I thought to myself “Ill go next time.”

That statement didnt hit me until I arrived home and began to settle in to make dinner and watch the evening news. “Ill go next time.” Chilling. Heartbreaking, Sad. Real. These four words are descriptive of whats going on in Baltimore and around the country.

“Ill go next time.” Who will it be next time? Because its inevitable that this same situation will go down next month if you think on the current trend some of our police officers who seem to have been sworn in to he words “To protect, serve and KILL.”

“Ill go next time.” Will it be my brother? Who walks to and from the bus station everyday-sometimes at night with headphones on, hands in his pocket and hoodie over his head to get to work six towns over so that he can support his two daughters? He must be up to no good, right?

“Ill go next time.” Will it be my son? Who plays with his toy guns in the front yard with his friends everyday because he loves to emulate his Pop Pop who happens to be a police officer? He’s trouble, right?

If anything ever happened to them my world would be no more. So it pains me to read the comment threads and see people write that its something these young men deserved. It sickens me to hear people speak about people they dont know and call them animals, thugs and niggers. It devastates me that next time it could happen to my family.

Photo Courtesy of @queenakilah on IG

Photo Courtesy of @queenakilah on IG